Improved assessment of Tear Film Structure

The Tear Film Imager (TFI) is an ophthalmic, computer-assisted imaging system intended to measure the attributes of the tear film. It was developed to offer a range of non-invasive measurements of all tear film sublayers. By measuring clinically relevant parameters of the tear film dynamics, the TFI has the potential to enhance the management of specific eye diseases.

The TFI is a prescription device intended for use by a trained health-care professional during an in-office exam.

40 sec
acquisition time

Layer Thickness parameters

The TFI provides muco-aqueous layer thickness measurements simultaneously and at nanometer resolution.

Lipid layer

The TFI provides the Lipid Layer Thickness (LLT) measurements with nanometer resolution and evaluates the dynamics of the lipid layer thickness over time.

Mean Blink

Evaluates the interblink interval
(the inverse of the blink rate).

Quantified Measurements

The examination reports display elements such as: lipid break up time, muco-aqueous layer thinning rate, lipid thickness trend over time and a lipid thickness map.
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